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    How do we select our products?

    Yepeau curates all items based on personal testing as well as researching the latest and popular trends of South Korea as well as the nation's tried and true favorites.

    Do you accept returns?

    Yes, please refer to the Returns tab at the bottom of the page for more details.

    Will I see results right away?

    Miracles don't happen overnight.  While some products may provide faster results than others, we recommend using products as directed for at least 2-6 weeks before seeing a difference.  We also recommend drinking plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated from within.

    Will this item get rid of my wrinkles?

    While some products do a wonderful job of diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, once a wrinkle has formed it's difficult to turn back the hands of time.  We believe skincare is preventive and the earlier one starts a skincare regimen the more effective the products will be over long term use.

    I have sensitive skin, will I develop a reaction to the products?

    We believe all products we carry are safe. However, as we are only a 3rd party retailer, we do not have any control in the ingredients that go into each product or the ability to control a client's reaction to a certain type of product or ingredient. 

    Is animal testing done on any of the products?

    Most of the items are cruelty free but if you wish to receive a specific list of companies that do not to testing on animals or use any animal byproducts, please email info@yepeau.com

    What products do you recommend for my skin type?

    As recommendations are very specific per each client's skin type, concern and needs, please send us a message on WeChat@Yepeau so we can help better guide you to a targeted solution.